Welcome to Yamayuri Inn.

image01Yamayuri Inn has fourteen small rooms located at the Dai Hot Spring where you will experience the old, traditional use of hot springs.

image07“The big wooden gate” brought from China is the signature feature of the inn. Once you step in, silence gently welcomes you. The entire inside of the inn is decorated with seasonal wild flowers and modern art objects purchased by the owner to delight the eyes of visitors.


There are three types of rooms.

【紅葉】プラネタリウム ツインベット 風呂・トイレ付

The six types are: the gorgeous semi-Western style room with an open-air hot-spring bath, the semi-Western style room with delightful interior design, and the reasonable Japanese style room with a casual atmosphere. Please choose according to your preference and the number of guests in your party.

Hot Springs
The hot spring water fiows from the earth of form an outdoor bath,where a murmuring stream can be heard.

There is a small outdoor hot spring located along a stream that murmurs pleasantly. The outdoor hot spring and the two indoor hot springs have a 1200-year history. The hot spring water does not circulate but flows in a single direction. These hot springs are the most renowned and oldest in history in Iwate prefecture.


Yamayuri Inn has a trabitional Irori(sunken hearth)cooking style.


We offer a special dining experience of food cooked on a sunken hearth. Iwate beef and the trout-like, fresh water charr, both exceptionally delicious, will be cooked right in front of your eyes. Also offered are several entrees with carefully selected ingredients such as Guinea fowl, which is proudly raised in Iwate prefecture, and Hakkin Ton, or Platinum Pork (an Iwate brand pork), both of which are very popular.


Relaxation Room

Here we offer our famous special massages.


A special beauty-treatment at Yamayuri Inn utilizes unique body touch with repeating constant rhythm and long strokes. A touch that reaches the skin and deep tissues brings both physical and mental deep stimulus and relaxation.


By Tohoku Shinkansen
Tokyo Station to Shin-Hanamaki Station (approx. 3 hr), and from Shin-Hanamaki Station by taxi (approx. 30 min)
By car
Tokyo Urawa Interchange to Hanamaki Minami Interchange (approx. 6 hr), and from Hanamaki Interchange (approx. 15 min)
By airplane
From Shin Hanamaki Airport by taxi (approx. 15 min)